my fiction-writing class is workshopping my short story about an elderly gay Hispanic man. 

I’m excited and nervous and anxious and just… asidjhifusihudhg. I love love love getting feedback about my writing; after my first workshop (last semester), I was practically giddy reading over all of the manuscript comments, which were mostly positive, thank God. Of course, I was nervous since I decided to choose a nonfiction piece about my family life. To date, it’s probably my favorite piece I’ve written…

Anyway, I’m nervous this time around because I experimented with a kind of Faulkner-esque flashback method and stream of consciousness. I’ve done stream of consciousness before with some fairly good results, so I’m kind of confident on that end. I’m nervous that my playing with memory and present action doesn’t work as well as I want it to; it’s Faulkner-y, but Faulkner does so many things that convention says writers can’t get away with. I’m afraid I’m not a strong enough writer to execute that kind of seamless transition between past, present, and future that Faulkner does so flawlessly. The story also contains snippets of Spanish and has made me realize that while my spoken Spanish might be alright, I really need to read more literature in Spanish to improve my written Spanish. 

I’m expecting to hear two things, both concerning the flashbacks:
1. The flashbacks somehow impair the pacing of the narrative.
2. The placement of the flashbacks is disorienting. (But I was kind of going for that at the end… read Quentin’s chapter in The Sound and the Fury. It’s wonderful.)  


Also, my professor has given us the daunting task of choosing what single page of literature is our absolute favorite.  I’m thinking about taking a page from Ray Bradbury’s short story “Kaleidoscope” from The Illustrated Man

But… oajhsdkjfhg. There are so many books! So many pages and passages. I don’t even know where to start.

I’m going to end up hauling my entire library to class. 

  1. justanothafish said: goodluck! I’m sure it’s wonderful :D
  2. anshinwrites said: Good luck with the workshop! It sounds like a good read, and I hope it goes over well. ^^ I miss doing workshops. They were always the BEST experiences.
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