I have an idea for a classroom theme.

I’ll be teaching 6th grade English-Language Arts next year, and I remember my 6th English teacher had an underwater theme in her classroom. Everyone really loved it, and we got to bring in little things to decorate, and she had this really cute board called “Our School of Fish” with our fishy-faced pictures on it. It was a really wonderful environment, so I kind of want to do something similar in my class.

I’m toying with the idea of having a jungle theme? And my students will be “Explorers of Literature?” I’m sorry but not sorry that I’m so incredibly corny, but I think it might work and be kind of fun?

Anyway, I was thinking that with each learned objective, we’d add a new leaf to a massive vine that can wrap around room, high up on the wall? And I could have a board that features students like “Explorers of the Week/Month?” And have another board called “Gems of the Jungle” that features awesome student work? 

I’m really just thinking these things out loud. I want students to feel engaged with my room and feel like it’s a stimulating, creative, nurturing environment, but I also don’t want my room to distract them. So I suppose moderation is key. Keeping things organized is key and will be at the forefront of how I go about planning my room. Keeping all this affordable is also key, so I’ll probably try to hand-make the decorative things—like the vine. Or have the students do a little craft-y thing. Like I said—this idea isn’t fully fleshed-out yet. 

Ideas on how to make my room functional but still incorporate a theme? Is this theme even good at all?

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  2. tomes-away said: Could you also add foliage to a tree that tracks the books you read in class and for fun? Something Rain Forest-y? The “rain” could be the in class books and the “tree leaves” could be out of class books that they’re inspired to read as a result?
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    I’m saving this for when I’m a teacher
  4. cactus-legs said: I think the jungle idea is pretty cool! Are you going to be doing a monthly theme or what?
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